What is Hypnic Jerk?

When a patient has hypnagogia sometimes they can experience a Hypnic jerk that can happen right when the patient is about to sleep and it startles the person. Hypnic jerks can often happen because of sleep patterns becoming irregular. Hypnic jerk can also be known as Hypnic.

Medications are often used to help reduce Hypnic jerk. People who experience this are also encouraged to cut back on caffeine and not have any soft drinks at night. Sometimes diet and what you eat throughout the day might increase Hypnic jerk happening at night. Reducing the amount of stress is another thing that might reduce this.

Sometimes a person can get a Hypnic jerk so bad that it can cause accidents such as hitting themselves, hitting their partner or result in falling off the bed. When it gets really severe it might be labeled as periodic limb movement or the person might be at a high risk factor for getting that disorder.